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New version of DCRAW
Hi All,

I've upgraded SkippyStak to use DCRAW v9.27, which was released on 11-May-2016.

It  _should_ be a painless change.

Note that as SkippyStak spawns calls to the separate dcraw.exe file, you can replace that dcraw.exe yourself,
whenever a new version of dcraw is released.

See for downloadable dcraw zip files.

This is an advantage over more sophisticated software like DSS where the dcraw code is incorporated into the DSS executable,
and so updating DSS requires the author to recompile the DSS executable.

All you have to do is exercise a little common sense, find the existing dcraw.exe in your SkippyStak folder, and replace it.

Simple huh?

As always, tread carefully - rename the existing dcraw executable to something else - don't just delete it...


Andrew Cool MASA, FRAS

Sun, 30-Oct-2016
Adelaide, South Australia

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