SkippyFoV is written by Andrew Cool of Adelaide South Australia. It is a modern facelift of Ron Wodaski's 2001 CCD Calc program, and uses slider to change the various parameters that determine the Field of View. As the sliders are moved, the selected image is scaled to represent the changing FoV. Any reasonably modern computer should be able to achive a smooth animation.


SkippyFoV v1.01 March 27th, 2016

SkippyFoV v1.02 March 28th, 2016

SkippyFoV v1.03 March 29th, 2016 Added use of customised hires images in Hires subfolder.

SkippyFoV v1.04 March 30th, 2016 More robust method of drawing and scaling images.


SkippyFov comes with some 460 images from Neil Flemming's set of extension images for CCD Calc. However, if you're an Ace imager, and would like to donate images of an object that's not represented, then the images need to be 360x360 pixels and cover an area of one degree by one degree. Colour JPEGs are nice. Contact me at

Note that since version 1.03, hires images can be used, as long as they're square, and the filename is thusly formatted : M42_arcmin0234.jpg

Note the four numerical digits, zero padded on the left.

Here's the download link for the whole SkippyFoV zip file (~47MB)


Or, if you already have SkippyFoV downloaded, and just want the latest update to the code, then here's the download link for the SkippyFoV.sav file (about 150kB). Just overwrite the existing version in your SkippyFoV folder. SkippyFov.sav