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[IMG]Andrew Cool cleaning DFN camera lens.jpg2021-01-04 22:11 4192k
[IMG]Andrwe Cool and Mick Roche with another camera erection.jpg2021-01-04 22:12 4456k
[IMG]Coober Pedy Accommodation 2.jpg2021-01-04 22:14 3520k
[IMG]DFN camera site Mt Barry Stn SA.jpg2021-01-04 22:10 5108k
[IMG]DFN camera weighted down in very strong winds.jpg2021-01-04 22:11 5700k
[IMG]Dr Ellie Sansom showing how to setup infrasound detector.jpg2021-01-04 22:08 5820k
[IMG]Hayabusa 2 combined images.jpg2021-01-04 22:09 4304k
[IMG]Hayabusa_2_3D.jpg2021-01-05 13:39 128k
[IMG]Laying out infrasound array.jpg2021-01-04 22:06 736k
[IMG]Prominent Hill Panorama.jpg2021-01-04 22:07 9356k
[IMG]Santas elves setting up DFN camera at Prominent Hill.jpg2021-01-04 22:11 1308k
[IMG]Site Supervisor.jpg2021-01-04 22:06 440k
[IMG]Windy, barren and dry with a fly or two.jpg2021-01-04 22:06 596k
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